As User Experience Director, Irene is responsible for translating business requirements into intuitive interactive solutions. For the last 6 years she has led the strategy and UX initiatives for clients including Wacom, USA Today, EA, HTC, Google, Nickelodeon, FOX, Verizon, BBC and Red Bull for both the web and cross-platform applications. Her work has been recognized by Cannes, The Webbys, FWA, Interaction Design Association and The European Design Awards.
Irene has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences such as OFFF and FITC and taught at prestigious learning institutions like Hyper Island. Her personal projects have been displayed in design conferences and festivals in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, New York, Singapore and Tegucigualpa. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a Master of Science in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York.
Originally from Amsterdam, she currently lives in Brooklyn, is a Scandinavian sweater and mid-century furniture enthusiast, and commutes by bike to work everyday. 



Products are no longer simply products; they live within complex business and technological ecosystems. To fully understand the user experience, designers must be highly flexible communicators, facilitators, mediators, and thinkers. Whether designing a dialysis machine, a mobile phone app, or a water filtration system for developing markets, design is as much about framing user experiences as it is about the creation of new artefacts.


Harbour.Space University


I’m an innovation catalyst, philanthropist, entrepreneur without borders and a global venture capitalist. I have been achieving success, celebrating failure and bending the arc of humanity toward a better world.


We offer innovative university degrees taught in English by industry leaders from around the world, aimed at giving our students meaningful and creatively satisfying top-level professional futures. We think the future is bright if you make it so.

At Harbour. Space the protagonist is the student, because it’s our students who are in charge of the future. Our mission is to nurture and accelerate talent, supported by the most knowledgeable and successful people in technology and design. Harbour. Space allows for brilliant ideas to flourish and produce solutions to contemporary societal challenges around themes such as the environment, health, energy and security.

Our immersive learning approach means realworld problems take centre stage in the classroom, not textbook challenges. Brilliant ideas are born in collaboration, through experimentation by crossing every possible academic boundary. We know this is true in business, now we’re making it happen in our university.


Any university can change your career. Harbour.Space will change your life!


Tech Heart
Harbour.Space University
Please note these are intensive three week courses. The subject area is particularly popular, which means entry can be very competitive. Number of available seats is limited. We try to accommodate as many students as possible.

Interaction Design Courses


Adeptness at translating an abstract or early idea into clear and simple conceptual sketches or storyboards will help your process – you will think better and communicate more easily with others.



The web has made everyone a publisher and content is a critical component of user experience. This course will explore content development as an aspect of creating user experiences, and will pay particular attention to its relationship with the information architecture. Students will examine different approaches to audio, video, and especially text, exploring ways how content can improve user experience. We will also address the basics of content management and learn how to develop a large-scale editorial strategy that can be used to guide the creation of websites with millions of pages.




17.10 - 04.11 / 2016 

7.11 - 25.11 / 2016

28.11 - 16.12 / 2016

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