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An experiential and immersive introduction to the world of high-tech entrepreneurship. The 3-week course provides a microcosm of the complete life cycle of a high-tech entrepreneurial venture covering the following phases: 1. Inspiration, 2. Concept Formation, 3. Business Formation, 4. Growth and Expansion, 5. Value Creation and Harvest.

While a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the learning tools central to high-tech entrepreneurship are integrated into the course, the most valuable lessons come from placing students directly into the role of high-tech entrepreneurs. Students form teams that will decide among themselves their designated roles and company positions, equity allocations, choice of legal entity, venture financing strategy, and other key decisions of a founding team. The teams will also engage directly with prospective customers and adapt and iterate their core strategies on the basis of these interactions.

Theory and lessons from the experiences and knowledge of the course instructors supplement the team-oriented experiential components of the course to create a comprehensive understanding into what it takes to go from an entrepreneurial vision through the journey of a high-tech entrepreneur.


Key lessons and objectives are discovered through each of the phases of the course. In the Inspiration phase, students are asked to discover what it is they value most in their lives and the key sources of fulfillment and passion that can motivate their ambitions. This phase directs students to look inward and find the sources of inspiration that can trigger the goals and objectives most aligned with their personal values, key strengths, and background and experience.

DATE: 23 Sept - 11 Oct, 2019


LECTURES: 3 Hours per day


LOCATION: Barcelona, Harbour.Space Campus



Session 1

Inspiration - Part I
Introduction to Course

Session 2

Inspiration - Part II

Session 3

Inspiration - Part III

Session 5

Concept Formation - Part II

Session 4

Concept Formation - Part I

Session 6

Concept Formation - Part III
Each student makes 3 minute pitch to class.

Kamran Elahian, a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and a "Global Instigator for Good" will take you on a journey as he shares his successes and failures, “celebrating the art of failure” and studying in-depth the critical elements of iTechpreneurship™, investment in high tech, and the effects of positive change that shape society’s future.

Experienced and reputable entrepreneur Kamran Elahian is currently chair and co-founder of Global Catalyst Partners (GCP), an international technology oriented venture capital firm. He is co-chair of UNGAID, The Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID) - a United Nations global forum that comprehensively addresses cross-cutting issues related to ICT in development.

He founded Schools- Online in 1996 (now part of humanitarian charity Relief International) a charity that works to bring the Internet to underprivileged schools in over 36 countries. In almost 3 decades as a high-tech entrepreneur, Kamran has co-founded 10 companies: CAE Systems (acquired by Tektronix for $75M) Cirrus Logic (IPO at $150M) Momenta, NeoMagic (IPO at $300M) PlanetWeb (acquired by MTI in 2009) Centillium Communications (IPO at $700M) Actelis Networks (a broadband communications systems company) Informative, Entopia, Greenfield Networks (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2006).

Kamran is also a board member of Actelis Networks, Beceem Communications, iKoa and SoundHound. Kamran has an educational background in science, having first achieved his BSc Computer Science and Mathematics and then a MSc in Computer Graphics from the University of Utah. In 2013, Kamran was a mentor for Unreasonable at Sea, a tech accelerator for social entrepreneurs founded by Unreasonable Group, Semester at Sea, and Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design.


- Entrepreneurship

- Venture Capital

- Start-ups 

- Strategic Partnerships

- Product Management

- Angel Investing

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Business Development

- Executive Management

- Go-to-market Strategy

- Leadership

- Semiconductors

- Corporate Development

- Global Business Development

- Marketing Strategy

- Business Planning

- Mobile Internet

- Mobile Technology

- Kindness 

- Team Spirit

- Team Building 

- Charity Work

- Big Data

- Business Strategy


We offer innovative university degrees taught in English by industry leaders from around the world, aimed at giving our students meaningful and creatively satisfying top-level professional futures. We think the future is bright if you make it so. 





DATE: 23 Sept – 11 Oct, 2019

DURATION:  3 Weeks

LECTURES: 3 Hours per day


LOCATION: Barcelona, Harbour.Space Campus



Alexander Malov is a naturally curious person with experience in a multitude of industries and disciplines, passionate about innovation,  and design. He wore many hats in his career — Consultant, Entrepreneur, Growth, PM and PMM. His career path includes the corporate world of investment banking, launching an innovative university ;) and a number of tech startups.

He has the ability to wear many hats, but he excels in leading product development, growth, and navigating complex challenges.

Stirring Zacapa 23 into his corn flakes in the morning he usually thinks about innovative strategies to turn ideas into products and solutions people love.